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Traceability, transparency and productivity. The right barcode scanners could work wonders for your business.

IMS has chosen a wide range of scanners amongst the most well-known and efficient brands

Do you need to buy or change your barcode scanners?

Are you looking to improve productivity or control costs?

Do you need to comply with industry regulations?

The barcode scanner market is vast and it can be laborious to differentiate between products and identify the one that best corresponds to your needs. Do they scan the right codes? Small codes? Can they be integrated into your production line or dataprocessing system?

IMS carries two broad lines of reputable products which are adapted to your needs. With 20 years of experience in thedesign, implementation, and security of data systems, we are the ideal partner to guide and accompany you in selecting and implementing the best system for your business.

Ensure product tracking and accelerate flow management

  • Barcode scanners are simple to use and capture data easily, thus accelerating inventory management, production and shipping processes, as well as the flow of people.
  • Whether you prefer an automated system or a portable device, there’s a barcode scanning solution for all your needs.
  • Compatible with high-performance data capture and data processing systems, these scanners improve the management of your inventory and staff by providing you with accurate and viable information.

IMS has chosen a wide range of scanners amongst the most well-known and efficient brands.

Zebra: A flexible barcode scanning solution

Barcodes are used in every aspect of your business. They carry invaluable information that’s accessed multiple times throughout the day in the production, storage, routing, tracking, and sale of your products. Your staff needs to be able to consult this information at a moment’s notice, wherever the merchandise may be.

To assist you in meeting these needs, IMS has selected barcodes from the world leader in barcode data capture, Zebra. This complete product catalog is comprised of versatile handheld barcode scanners which, thanks to their ergonomic design to ensure total user comfort.

Made to last, Zebra scanners are adapted to industrial environments. They’re reliable and efficient, so you only have to scan a barcode once. And their great value makes them highly affordable.

Favor flexibility

  • Ability to read 1D and 2D barcodes as well as all sizes and symbols.
  • Available in handheld or hands-free models, with or without wireless units, they can be used anywhere.
  • Connection via cable or Bluetooth, they adapt to your systems and processes
  • Fully versatile in terms of reading capacity, barcode size, scanning distance, and scanning angle.

Zebra barcode scanners: LS, LI, DS, CS, and MK Series

IMS-motorola-ls IMS-motorola-cs IMS-motorola-li IMS-motorola-ds

Your customers and employees will save time with these barcode scanners as they easily switch back and forth between manual and hands-free modes. This high-performance processor allows you to scan barcodes at any angle, thereby facilitating fast screening.

Zebra barcode scanners: MT2070 and MT2090 Series


The new MT2070 and MT2090 series of optical barcode scanners by Zebra are robust devices that deliver the high-performance and versatility that you need to reduce your costs and enhance the efficiency of your operations. You can work in memory mode, wireless (Bluetooth), and Wi-Fi, depending on the configuration you choose.

Equipped with a comfortable handle (minimizing fatigue caused by intensive and extended forward scanning), these scanners allow their users to scan large quantities of data while still having the freedom to move around the company. Also, these devices can be custom programmed in order to meet your individual needs.

Here is our list of Zebra barcode readers:

Zebra LS series barcode readers
LS 2208Spec Sheet
LS 3408ERSpec Sheet
LS 3408FZSpec Sheet
LS 3578ERSpec Sheet
Zebra LI series Linear Imager 1D
LI 2208Spec Sheet
LI 4278 (wireless)
Spec Sheet
Zebra DS series 2D barcode readers
DS4308Spec Sheet
DS6708Spec Sheet
DS6878Spec Sheet
DS3578Spec Sheet
DS9208Spec Sheet
DS9808Spec Sheet
Specialized readers and price checkers
CS3000Spec Sheet
CS4070Spec Sheet
MK500Spec Sheet
MK3100Spec Sheet
MK4000Spec Sheet
CC5000Spec Sheet
Zebra MT series barcode readers
MT 2000Spec Sheet


Last update: April 23, 2015

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Cognex’s DataMan: for efficient barcode scanning, even at high speeds

You use flow-line production or you use slow or fast conveyors to transport objects. You have too many production halts due to barcode illegibility, either because they’re deteriorated or poorly printed, or because they aren’t properly positioned for optimal scanning. You need errorless and uninterrupted scanning to increase your productivity.

IMS has chosen DataMan scanners from Cognex, our trusted partner. Equipped with revolutionary technology based on image capture, these are the most efficient scanners on the market. Cognex can scan codes that others can’t!


Optimize your productivity

  • DataMan scanners are able to scan 1D, 2D, and DPM codes of any size and symbology.
  • They scan all codes (deteriorated, crooked, DPM), on any printing mode or surface area, at a variety of production speeds.
  • Strong and reliable, DataMan scanners have a long lifespan.
  • They require no maintenance as they have no portable parts.
  • Easy to install and use, they ensure fast and affordable operations.

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Here is our list of Datalogic scanners:

Heron HD3430Spec Sheet
Gryphon GBT4400Spec Sheet
Quickscan QD2400Spec Sheet
Quickscan QB2400Spec Sheet


Last update: March 3, 2016

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