Barcode terminals

Compact, easy to handle, adapted to extreme conditions, efficient. Discover how to improve productivity thanks to barcode terminals.


The mobile solution for data capture and access via barcodes

Your team is mobile and needs to access and transmit information stored in a central database.

To improve productivity and control costs, you need devices that are compact, easy to handle, and adapted to extreme conditions. But sometimes it can be difficult to find the products that best match your needs. Do the terminals scan the right codes? Do they have the right characteristics? Are they adapted to your computer system? Do they provide the right connectivity for your work environment?

IMS carries three broad lines of reputable products to meet your needs. Whether you need many terminals for a variety of uses, terminals adapted to extreme environments, or an affordable, scalable solution, IMS is here to guide you.

Moreover, with 20 years of experience in data capture design, implementation, and security, we are the ideal partner to assist you in selecting and implementing the best system for your business.

Simplify the circulation of information

  • Adapted to a variety of environments, barcode terminals scan barcodes, RFID, notes, or manual data entry, anywhere, all while ensuring updated information accessible from a central database
  • Terminals, analagous to small wireless computers, provide information needed to ensure efficient operations
  • Integrated into high-performancedata capture and processing software, these terminals increase productivity of your mobile team

IMS is the proud partner of world-renown brands and providers.

Zebra: A terminal for every need

Your staff operates in a variety of environments: warehouses, retail stores, delivery trucks, repair trucks. In order to serve your customers, your employees need to capture and transmit data, as well asaccess accurate and secure information, wherever they may be. To do so, they need tools adapted to both the task at hand and your data collection and processing systems.

IMS has selected Zebra terminals, a wide range of handheld mobile computers and terminals designed for a variety of applications.

Provide your personnel with the right tools

  • Ability to capture data from 1D and 2D barcodes, RFID, and scanned images; ideal for retail outlets, mobile phones, and industrial applications
  • Connection via WAN (mobile phone network), Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth to efficientlytransmit data
  • Highly ergonomic with a selection of interfaces, including touch screen and modular or interchangeable keypad, in order to access information easily
  • Solid, reliable, and water-resistant, with a sophisticated finish that reflects your brand image

These terminals are adapted to your every need, thereby increasingyour company’sproductivity. Reduce costs with just one source for all your needs.

Here is our list of Zebra terminals:

PDA style readers
MC45Spec Sheet
MC55A0Spec Sheet
MC55A0-HC (service de santé)Spec Sheet
MC67Spec Sheet
Readers with full keyboards
MC3190-Z RFIDSpec Sheet
MC3200Spec Sheet
MC9190-G RFIDSpec Sheet
MC92N0Spec Sheet
MC9500Spec Sheet
Tablets and specialized products
ET50/ET55 Spec Sheet
WT41N0Spec Sheet
TC55Spec Sheet
TC75Spec Sheet
TC8000Spec Sheet
Industrial terminals
Workabout Pro 4Spec Sheet
Omnii XT15Spec Sheet
8585 / 8595Spec Sheet



Last update: April 23, 2015

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Intermec: designed for highly challenging environments

You conduct business out in thefield. Your employees use their devices intensively. You need physically resistant, user-friendly terminals.

To meet these needs, IMS has selected the Intermec CS, CN, and CK terminals, several of which combine a unique reinforced casing with theadvantages of a smart phone and superior data capture and transfer capability.


Opt for true mobility

  • Designed for rigorous use, Intermec terminals can withstand repeated impacts, extreme temperature variations, high humidity, and dust, ensuring optimal performance
  • Ability to read 1D and 2D barcodes as well as all sizes and symbols
  • Connection via WAN (mobile phone network), Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth to efficiently transmit data
  • Very energy-efficient, with enhanced battery life and autonomy

Rugged, reliable, and built to last, Intermec terminals are a solid investment. Their improved industrial design increases convenience and productivity, all while ensuring optimal integration of your systems.

Intermec CK Series mobile computers

IMS offers three different models from Intermec’s CK series. In addition to scanning barcodes, they have a rugged design, wireless connectivity, and impressive image capture.

The CK3 can be adapted to RFID (radio-frequency identification) mode throughan extension.


The CK70 model is equipped with the fastest imaging engine in the industry and has a movement resistant laser aiming system.


The CK71 is 31% smaller and lighter than the other strong handheld computers in its category.


Intermec CS40 Series mobile computer

Synonomous with high-performance, the new CS40 seriesmobile computers are sleek, lightweight, and rugged. This model was specially designed for pre-sales and merchandising, exterior residential and commercial services, andfor long-distance transportation.

The CS40 is equipped with a 3.2 megapixel color camera that provides remote visual verificationand Intermec’s most advanced Bluetooth® technology.



Here is our list of Intermec mobile computers:

CK series mobile computing
CK3RSpec Guide
CK3XSpec Guide
CK70Spec Guide
CK71Spec Guide
CS40 series mobile computing
CS40Spec Guide


Last update: Octobre 27, 2014

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IMS has selected Datalogic terminals.

Here is our list of Datalogic terminals:

Falcon X3TSpec Sheet
ElfSpec Sheet


Last update: February 26, 2016

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