Optimize your productivity by automating the labeling of your products

IMS has a large variety of equipment as well as personalized support to find the right solution for your labeling process.


IMS has a very large variety of equipment as well as personalized support so that you can choose:

Are you looking to optimize your productivity by automating the labeling of your products? Are you having trouble deciphering all the offers and choosing the one that best suits your needs all while guaranteeing the highest return on investment? Do you want this solution to be properly integrated with the systems you’re currently using?

Choose the solution that best suits your needs:

  • From small to large-sized companies.
  • For fully automated or semi-automated production lines.
  • From the cosmetic industry to the food industry.
  • With pre-printed or custom and on-demand printed labels on your production line.

Maximize your ROI

  • IMS carefully analyzes your needs and advises you about the solutions that will best suit your group while ensuring optimal capital investment.
  • IMS takes care of the equipment installation and implementation.
  • IMS supports the solution that you purchase until the end of the product’s operational life.

IMS is proud to be the partner of renowned brands.

The fast-paced labeling solution

You have a high-speed production line and you’d like to integrate labeling without affecting your production’s continuity and throughput.


IMS has chosen a wide range of Nita applicators and applicator systems, designed to be integrated into continuous production lines. They apply various types of pre-printed labels, in many different orientations and on a wide range of container shapes and sizes. In addition, Nita equipment uses an efficient and reliable digital technology that makes them simply easy to operate:

Applicators and applicator systems

  • The very efficient Nita applicators will easily match your production cadency as long as its integration has been done properly
  • These robust high-speed applicators are designed for intense production

Maximize your ROI

  • Renown for their ‘’Simply Easy’’ concept, Nita labeling systems can be fully operated by production personnel, and do not require the intervention, often costly, of certified technicians.
  • Without any proprietary parts, they’re also simply easy to care for



Here is our list of Nita label applicators:

AE-612MKII Spec Guide
AE-616MKIISpec Guide
AE-612MKII TBSpec Guide
STA-616Spec Guide
Top only LANCE TOP 100Spec Guide
Top & Bottom JOUST 200Spec Guide
Top & Bottom JOUST BL BAGSpec Guide
Front & Back SYNERG XP200-TSpec Guide
Smart Orientation SystemSpec Guide


Last update: Octobre 27, 2014

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The affordable solution for medium-scale production


Optimizing your productivity is essential. You’re working with a medium-scale production line to control costs created by small runs. Automated labeling interests you, but you’re worried that frequent changes in label size and type could perturb your production.


IMS has chosen aspects of the most affordable and practical solution available. Auto Labe offers two Print and Apply models, along with a wide range of applicators to which we can integrate the largest brand name of thermal transfer printers to provide the print and apply solution that best suits your installation and operations.

Optimize your productivity

  • An Auto Labe applicator combined with a barcode label printer, allows you to print and apply the labels you need, when you need them
  • Easy to use and adapted to your automatic or semi-automatic production line, there’s an Auto Labe standard applicator that best suits your installation, with features that respond to all your needs.

Maximize your ROI

  • When you Print and Apply labels in real-time, you reduce the value of your label inventory
  • Reliable and affordable, Auto Labe print and apply solutions are a sure investment
  • You can select from reputed,, reliable brand name printers that benefit from exceptional support from IMS: Sato, Datamax, Zebra, and Toshiba TEC


Here is a list of our Autolabe label applicators:

151SSpec Guide
155Spec Guide
550Spec Guide
560Spec Guide
390Spec Guide
590Spec Guide


Last update: Octobre 27, 2014

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