The heat-shrink sleeve label is part of the identity of the brand and product it covers.

Each project is unique. At IMS, we perform a detailed analysis of your needs in order to design a shrink sleeve label that perfectly meets your demands.

Read on to learn more about our creation of heat-shrink sleeve labels.


Choice of film

The choice of film depends mainly on the shape and size of the container and on the desired visual and tactile effect.

Choice of sleeve

Whether the sleeve label covers the container completely or partially, the type of sleeve will dictate what features are available, such as security (tamper-proof), product grouping (multi-packing), etc.

Choice of application

Depending on your needs, you may choose to apply the labels manually or automatically. IMS takes to heart the design of personalized sleeve labels which reflect the specific needs of our clients. We carefully integrate all the considerations of our clients (financial, environmental, etc.).