Shrink Sleeve Label Films support your labels and directly impact the product’s image and the label’s texture.

Choosing the right film is key in the success of your project.

Shrink Sleeve Label film supports your label and directly impacts the product’s image and and the label’s texture.

IMS offers many types of film for their heat-shrink sleeve labels:


PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

This is a high density film and the most commonly used for heat-shrink sleeve labels. It has a high resistance to low temperatures, a reliable retraction factor, and good transparency.


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PETG (Polyproplyene terephthalate glycol-modified)

This is a high density film with a high tolerance for heat and wear (scratches), a retraction factor that can reach 80%, and incomparable shine. This film is commonly used for everyday consumables.


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OPS (Oriented Polyester)

OPS is a low density film that allows for high transversal retraction while low longitudinal retraction. Sleeve labels made from OPS are very shiny.


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PLA (Polylactic acid)

PLA film is made from 100% vegetable matter. It’s biodegradable and saves energy because it can retract at low temperatures. This film is extremely transparent and shiny.

Each film has its own unique characteristics (thickness, opacity, etc.) that confer distinct physical properties to the sleeve.

Whether you’re searching for a specific look or feel for your product, IMS will help you select the best film for your product needs.


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