Labels for the Horticulture Industry

Resistant labels for a demanding industry.


Horticulture as an industry is composed of two main aspects: the culture of consumption and decorative horticulture.

In both cases, value and diversity quickly become a question of survival in this often seasonal industry.

To be successful, the horticulture industry needs to adapt to all types of weather conditions and choose the adequate tools. Labels, signs, plant markers, ribbons: they must all be resistant to outdoor conditions, tearing, and other extreme conditions. They must also come in standard form or be customizable. Moreover, these labels and signs must indicate the benefits that come with using horticultural products.

In order to implement a winning strategy, IMS can offer you solutions that will increase your productivity through products that you can count on, all while reducing your operating costs.

Products and services for the horticulture industry:

Specialized Labels
Thermal Printing
Flexographic Printing