Labels for Textile and Footwear

Meet delivery delays and maximize your budgets while facilitating the transition of products from the factory to the store.


The textile and footwear sector has evolved in a highly competitive environment for several years. Its success partly relies on the operational ability of manufacturers and retailers within the industry

The decrease in the number of local suppliers forces more and more companies from the industry to purchase supplies abroad, a situation that requires them to order larger quantities and also increases delays in delivery. This is why it’s important to optimize your supply chain management and facilitate inventory management, which can be done with a well-implemented system that allows for simple management of the production of brand labels, price tags, clothing labels, and other similar products.

To help you face these challenges, IMS can offer you solutions that will help you meet delivery delays and maximize your budgets, all while facilitating the transition of products from the factory to the store.

Products and services for the textile and footwear industry:

Thermal Printing
Inkjet Printers
Flexographic Printing
Data Capture


Labeling solutions related to footwear, retail, Global Ticket Service Bureau and RFID are done through collaboration with our partner Source ID. Feel free to visit their website for more labeling solution information concerning the footwear and retail and apparel industries.