With its flexographic presses from renowned brands such as Mark Andy, Metronome, and Aquaflex, IMS is able to print high-quality labels fast and in large volumes.


IMS can help breathe new life into your products with its flexographic labels. Its unique image, strict guidelines, and ability to provide durable labels all make IMS stand out as a leader in its field.


IMS is proud to offer you comprehensive printing services:

  • High-quality design and production.
  • Sales and installation of applicators.
  • Turnkey solution.
  • Portfolio of high-resolution labels.


In addition, the use of certain materials can help develop your brand image:

  • The combination of synthetic materials (transparent, white, or metallic films) and special adhesives (for freezers, removable labels).
  • The combination of high-quality paper (white glossy) and special adhesives.
  • The production of labels whose print image is located under the adhesive (to protect against wear or ink contamination).
  • The use of special inks and dyes: metallic, cold stamping, color, silver, or holographic.


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