Specialized labels

Sometimes, labels have to go through extreme conditions. If you need a special adhesive or an element-resistant label, IMS can print high-quality labels which will meet the most extreme demands.


IMS can develop customized solutions to meet complex demands of specialized labels and element-resistant labels.


Special adhesive labels

Some products require specific labels and, sometimes, special glue is needed. IMS offers solutions adapted to various environments.

Freezer-resistant glue: Ideal for the food industry. Our freezer-resistant glue keeps labels firmly in place in extreme cold temperatures so that your brand image always remains impeccable.

Removable glue: This glue is often used when the label has no permanent use (such as those on books). Removable glue can be taken off the surface without leaving a trace.

Repositionable glue: With repositionable glue, the label can be removed and reapplied to a surface within 24 hours, after which it becomes permanent.

Element-resistant labels

Since IMS’s labels are resistant to water, UV rays, heat and cold, and chemicals, they’re used to identify a variety of applications, like watercraft, nursery food, and pharmaceutical products.