Conveniently print your own color labels with our inkjet printers.

With an IMS color label printing system, you can generate your own photo quality output, quickly when you need them. 

High quality color label thanks to high quality inkjet printers

Ideal for multiple labels with variable data and variable quantities, inkjet label printers are well suited for custom printing large and small runs of labels with the flexibility and speed in-house production can provide. Why wouldn’t you match your label printing with your customer’ needs?

Learn more about the advantages of in-house inkjet label printing


  • With advances in ink and material technology, printing in-house labels continues to become more economical, bringing great bang for your buck.
  • Fast, efficient, great quality. Inkjet printers can print high resolution labels (1600 x 1600 dpi) at high speeds (18 m/min).
  • Greatly reduced label inventories, by only having to keep blank labels. No more minimum print runs from outsourced label printers. This frees up working capital and space, and stops waste of rools of pre-printed labels that cannot be used because of any changes in the label design.
  • Flexibility. Do you need to print labels in different sizes? Ink jet printers can take care of this. Do you need to make some changes? You can do so in a few clicks. Do you need to change the content on your labels? The software will handle this.

Inkjet color label printers

Although find out how our partners have all perfected inkjet printing so we can offer you inkjet color printers with high-resolution images and great value for money.

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Colordyne color label inkjet printer

Driven by Memjet technology which prints all colors in one run, the Colordyne CDT 1600C prints labels that range from 2 to 8.5 inches in width, have resolutions of up to 1600 ppi, and speeds of up to 12 inches per second. This is the fastest color label printer of its kind.


Watch the Colordyne 1600 C video

Watch the Colordyne 1600 S video

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Here is our list of Colordyne colour label printers:

Colordyne CDT 1600C colour printer
Spec Guide



Ink cartridges are available for the following printers:

Colordyne CDT 1600C

ModelPart number
Black ink cartridge 250 mLCDT1000B
Cyan ink cartridge 250 mLCDT1000C
Magenta ink cartridge 250 mLCDT1000M
Yellow ink cartridge 250 mLCDT1000Y


Last update: Octobre 27, 2014

VIP color label inkjet printer

VIP Color printers use the revolutionary memjet technology that produces vibrant colors at 1600×1600 dots per inch, and barcodes for numerous types of labels. Users can print one label at a time or entire rolls with variable content (barcodes, serial numbers, etc.). With a print width of 2 inches up to 8.5 inches, this color printer can print most label sizes.

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Watch the VIP Color VP485 video

Watch the VIPcolor VP700 video


Here is a list of ink cartridges available for the following printers:

VP485 printer

ModelPart number
Black ink cartridge 69 mLVP1-485-SI01PA
Cyan ink cartridge 28 mLVP1-485-SI02PA
Magenta ink cartridge 28 mLVP1-485-SI03PA
Yellow ink cartridge 28 mLVP1-485-SI04PA

VP495 printer

ModelPart number
Black ink cartridge 66 mLVP1-495-SI01PA
Cyan ink cartridge 28 mLVP1-495-SI02PA
Magenta ink cartridge 28 mLVP1-495-SI03PA
Yellow ink cartridge 28 mLVP1-495-SI04PA

VP700 printer

ModelPart number
Black ink cartridge 250 mLVP700-IS05A
Cyan ink cartridge 250 mLVP700-IS02A
Yellow ink cartridge 250 mLVP700-IS11A
Magenta ink cartridge 250 mLVP700-IS08A

Last update: Octobre 27, 2014

Swiftcolor color label inkjet printer

Here are its benefits:

  • Four color label printing with a resolution of 1200 dpi
  • Friction resistant printouts with the use of pigment-based inks
  • High printing speeds up to 7.9 inches per second to meet unexpected requests
  • Print width that accommodates most types of labels

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Here is a list of Swiftcolor color printers:

SwiftColor SCL4000-DSpec Guide
SwiftColor SCL4000-pSpec Guide



Here is a list of ink cartridges available for the following printers:

SwiftColor SCL4000-D color printer

ModelPart number
Black ink cartridge 240 mLSCL-D400B
Cyan ink cartridge 240 mLSCL-D400C
Magenta ink cartridge 240 mLSCL-D400M
Yellow ink cartridge 240 mLSCL-D400Y

SwiftColor SCL4000-P colour printer

ModelPart number
Black ink cartridge 240 mL9755B001
Cyan ink cartridge 240 mL9754B001
Magenta ink cartridge 240 mL9753B001
Yellow ink cartridge 240 mL9752B001

Last update: Octobre 27, 2014

NeuraLabel 300x color label inkjet printer

The NeuraLabel 300x inkjet printer delivers high-resolution color labels on demand, at up to 20 inches per second. Using HP’s advanced page-wide print technology, it can produce specialized labels up to 8.5 inches wide. Using pigment based inks, this printer is especially well-suited to meet GSA and BS5609 requirements in the chemical industry.

NeuraLabel 300x ideal for short run printing

EPSON color label printers

ESPON printers boast the most robust pigment based inks without sacrificing the brightness of your colors.  This lineup of printers adds to the extensive range of color label printers that we offer and fills a need for durable color inkjet printing. Epson inkjet printers offer legendary print quality. Fast printing, reliability and durability make EPSON products a safe bet. Experience labels on demand and print your labels in-house, use just-in-time printing to produce high-quality custom-made labels.

Here is our list of EPSON color label printers:

COLORWORKS C3500Spec guide
COLORWORKS C831Spec guide
COLOWORKS C7500Spec guide

Here is a list of ink cartridges available for the following printers:

Colorworks C3500 consumables

Black ink cartridgeC33S02577
Cyan ink cartridgeC33S02581
 Magenta ink cartridgeC33S02582
Yellow ink cartridgeC33S02583


Imprimantes couleur EPSON C3500

Colorworks C7500 consumables

Black ink cartridgeC33S020614
Cyan ink cartridgeC33S020615
Magenta ink cartridgeC33S020616
Yellow ink cartridgeC33S020617


Imprimantes couleur EPSON C7500

Colorworks C831 consumables

Black ink cartridgeC13S020563
Cyan ink cartridgeC13S020564
Magenta ink cartridgeC13S020565
Yellow ink cartridgeC13S020566


Imprimantes couleur EPSON C831