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Are you looking for simple and efficient solutions for your labeling software? At IMS, we offer the three most complete and universal software applications for all your labeling needs: NiceLabel, BarTender, and LabelView.


Not only do we install labeling software quickly and offer on-site technical support, we also provide technical training that maximizes your software’s potential.



Designed to meet industry standards, NiceLabel provides adaptable printing solutions to satisfy all your needs. This printer software makes your job easier through:

  • An abundance of features (labels designed with care become powerful tools).
  • Compatibility with all barcodes, databases, and graphics.
  • Its unicode-supported system for printing and design of multi-language labels.
  • Compatibility with Windows and all thermal transfer printers.


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BarTender is the only labeling software that’s fully SAP certified, in addition to being Microsoft certified to ensure compatibility with all Microsoft operating systems.

With its user-friendly interface and wizard functions, BarTender is the latest, most versatile labeling software designed for North American markets.

  • Unicode for multi language labeling.
  • Powerful wizards for user-friendly label design and database management.
  • The largest selection of tools for limitless label design.
  • Multitasking Windows drivers for all printers.
  • Browser-based interface for label printing.

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LabelView is a labeling software program that provides you with the flexibility required to meet all your barcode, text, graphic, and database printing needs. LabelView has all the features to help you create and print labels with ease.

This software supports over 30 barcode symbologies, TrueType fonts, as well as over 850 thermal transfer and laser printers.

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