Thermal printing solutions for your product identification needs

Thermal transfer is a method that consists of melting a small amount of resin or pigment off of a ribbon and onto a print surface by using a Thermal Transfer Printer. It’s important to use high-quality thermal printing labels to get the best results and to prevent premature wear of your print heads.


Thermal Transfer Printers

Barcode label printers are carefully designed to respond to demanding product identification needs. IMS carries the best models of prominent manufacturers to offer you superior quality equipment.

Thermal transfer or direct thermal?

Most of our thermal printers can be equipped with thermal transfer or direct thermal technologies. Direct thermal printers are well-suited to companies who use standard labels with a short shelf-life, while thermal transfer printers print stronger, thicker labels.

At IMS we offer our customers several technical services, both contractual and individual. Installation, training, maintenance, you name it! Our experts are here to guide you and perform on-site maintenance.

IMS is proud to partner with the best brands for thermal printers in order to meet and exceed your demands.



IMS was the first company in Quebec to partner with Zebra Technologies, and now offers the most efficient label printers on the market.

A proud Zebra Premier Partner since 1990, IMS offers a wide range of models, allsynonymous with reliability and performance. Whether it’s thermal transfer or direct thermal printing, high-performance, industrial, or desktop, you’ll be surprised by the quality and the accuracy of your images and barcodes.

Here are the Zebra barcode label printers we offer:

Zebra ZM 400 and ZM 600PDF
Zebra 105SL PlusPDF
Zebra 110Xi4PDF
Zebra 140Xi4PDF
Zebra 170Xi4PDF
Zebra 220Xi4PDF
Zebra GK420t and GK420dPDF
Zebra GX420t, GX420d and GX430tPDF
Zebra Série GC420, GC420d and GC420tPDF
Zebra Série ZT200, ZT220 and ZT230PDF
Zebra ZT410/420PDF
Zebra LP/TLP 2844PDF

Last update : October 1st 2014

Toshiba TEC


Toshiba TEC is another worthy IMS partner that designs, manufactures, and sells automatic labeling equipment and solutions. IMS is proud to be associated with the Toshiba TEC Group, a leader in the industry with over 40 years of experience.


Here are the barcodes Toshiba TEC labels printers we offer:

TEC Toshiba B-SX4PDF
TEC Toshiba B-SX5PDF
TEC Toshiba B-SX8PDF

Last update: October 1st 2014

Datamax O’Neil by Honeywell


The E-Class family of printers by Honeywell are light, compact, and designed using a technology that offers multiple printing options. With all these features packed into such a small product, the E-Class series is the number one choice for businesses with small or medium-sized label quantities.

The M-Class series offers technologically advanced robust thermal transfer printers built with the same care and based on the same principles that have enssured Honeywell’s success. Small and compact, these printers are ideal for emerging business sectors.


Here are the barcodes Honeywell labels printers we offer:

Datamax Serie E-Class Mark III (basic Advanced, Professional, Professionnal +)PDF
Datamax Serie M-Class Mark II (M-4206, M-4210, M-4308)PDF
Datamax Serie I-Class Mark II (I-4212e, I-4310, I-4606)PDF
Datamax Serie H-Class (H-4212, H-4408, H-4310, H-4606, H-4212X, H-4310X, H-4606X)PDF

Last update : January 29th 2016



The Pro series from Sato offers a high print quality of 203, 305, and 609 dpi. By simply changing the print head,the M84Pro can be converted into any other model inseconds. The performance of the RISC CPU and the print speed of 10 inches per second allow for the production of complex formats without losing time. The Pro series, with their metal construction, are the perfect tool for big printing jobs. The metallic construction not only protects the printer; it also protects the media it’s printed on.


Here are the barcodes Sato labels printer we offer:


Last update : October 1st 2014


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