A label has more than one identification role. It also plays an important part in a product’s shelf impact.

IMS offers packaging solutions such as flexible packaging, as well as high-quality brand labels and heat-shrink sleeve labels.


Labels and packaging are closely related and make a great team in the promotion of your products.

Flexible packaging is more and more common on the shelves. It’s made of plastic film, aluminum, or other materials and is designed to protect the products while presenting them in an aesthetic and innovating way.

These packages are 100% customizable and display catchy and effective designs that make your products stand out.


It also has these interesting features:

  • Resealable. Easy to seal and reseal so your product stays fresh.
  • Flexographic. This kind of packaging is adapted to flexographic printing, so the print quality is absolutely perfect.
  • Green. Flexible packaging is made of recyclable plastic film that are glued to one another with solvent-free adhesives, making them easier on the environment.

With its experience and equipment, IMS offers proven solutions for the design and production of flexible packaging for your products. As with the heat-shrink sleeve label, make your products stand out with flexible packaging!