Would you like to know if a labeling solution is adapted to your products or your environment?

IMS offers feasibility studies to determine which solution would be the most efficient and adapted to your needs.


Do you want to automate production with an automatic label applicator or a print-and-apply unit?

Automatic label applicators and print-and-apply units are an efficient means to automating the labeling on your production line. Is this the right labeling solution for you?

IMS offers a feasibility study, which will help you determine if it would be profitable for you to invest in an automatic labeling solution. This study is both an evaluation report and a pricing estimate, with no purchase obligation.








Under what conditions should you consider a feasibility study?

  • You want to reduce time and costs required to label your products while improving labeling quality and accuracy.
  • You’re incorporating a new line of products.
  • You’re introducing new technology.
  • You want to replace outdated equipment.
  • You want to anticipate your long-term needs.


What are the benefits of a feasibility study?

  • A feasibility study verifies that a factory or workshop can integrate an automatic label application system.
  • It allows for a technical consultation with a specialist at your company, which will lead to an informed and optimized evaluation based on yoursituation.
  • Anticipating needs, allocating resources, and an accurate budget.

The evaluation report consists of a personalized feasibility analysis, equipment recommendations, an assessment of the time required for installation, and a support plan.

If the study concludes that an installation is impossible, then installation costs will be FREE of charge for you!

If installation is possible, the cost of the study will be credited towards the purchase of an automatic application system from IMS.

In other words, you have nothing to lose. If you want to learn more, please feel free to contact us!

Does your product need a new brand image or a more aggressive design ? Shrink sleeve labels may be the answer you’re looking for.


Heat-shrink sleeve label s are known for their impact on customers. They’re more convincing, more visible, stronger, and great at boosting your brand image.

But are your product and infrastructure sleeve label-friendly?

IMS can perform a feasibility study on heat-shrink sleeve labels for your company. Trust our experts to evaluate if a sleeve labels are feasible for you.