What are CSA/UL Approved Labels?

What are CSA/UL Approved Labels?


Let’s start with the acronyms:

UL: Underwriters Laboratories

Underwriters Laboratories® Inc. (UL) is an independent product safety certification organization Based in Northbrook, Illinois, UL develops standards and test procedures for products, materials, components, assemblies, tools and equipment, chiefly dealing with product safety.

UL does not “approve” products. Rather it evaluates products, components, materials and systems for compliance to specific requirements, and permits acceptable products to carry a UL certification mark, as long as they remain compliant with the standards.

CSA: Canadian Standards Association

CSA International (Canadian Standards Association), a member of the CSA Group, is a provider of product testing and certification services for electrical, mechanical, plumbing, gas and a variety of other products. Recognized in the U.S., Canada and around the world, CSA’s marks appear on billions of products worldwide.

CSA International certification marks indicate that a product, process or service has been tested to a Canadian or U.S. standard and it meets the requirements of an applicable CSA standard or another recognized document used as a basis for certification.

What does that mean for labels?

In order for a label to be CSA / UL approved, they have to pass rigorous tests under various conditions. For example, if a manufacturer is required by law to put an information label on their product and this label must not peel or degrade in its natural environment, they can go to either the UL Website or the CSA Website and look for manufacturers that have products certified in that area.


In this example we see that IMS Perma Print labels are certified by UL to adhere to various surfaces, for all indoor and most outdoor applications, in specific temperature ranges.

Many industries (Electronic, Aeronautic, Oil, Construction, Automobile, Food and Beverage, Medical, etc…) have to adhere to stringent guidelines when identifying their products or components. A CSA / UL certified label means that the label has been tested independently and complies with the identification norms of that industry.

CSA / UL certified labels are top of the line quality products that deliver exactly what is expected of them. When vital information or safety must be maintained, they are the standard in every industry.

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